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At Patuxent Architects our mission is to be responsive to every client's needs, to seize the design opportunity inherent in every project, and through that opportunity enhance the lives of those that use and inhabit the buildings and spaces we create. We achieve this through recruitment and retention of excellent staff, and through commitment to project and service quality, good business practice and innovation.

The following information is provided as the typical service path a project may take:


At your request, our Architect will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs, plans and visions, and evaluate your property's current situation.


Patuxent Architects will prepare a fee proposal for your project based on the Architect's understanding   of your project program. Once the proposal is accepted, signed and returned, along with the required retainer payment, the architect will begin work on the Preliminary Design Phase for your project.

Schematic Design Phase

Patuxent Architects will review and evaluate the Owner’s program and budget requirements and discuss alternate approaches to the design and construction of the project based on those requirements.  As mutually agreed upon, Patuxent Architects will prepare conceptual design documents for the Owner’s Approval.  These may include preliminary sketches, small scale schematic plans, elevations, sections, diagrams, renderings and other graphic and written documents that illustrate the general scope, scale, and relationship of project components, and describe in general the type of construction and equipment proposed.  During schematic design, site plan and area relationships may be defined, the general size, shape, and massing of building elements determined, elevations and exterior finishes proposed, and conceptual design criteria for structural, mechanical, and electrical systems identified.

Design Development Phase

Patuxent Architects shall produce Design Development Documents based on the approved preliminary design documents and any necessary program or budget adjustments. The emphasis shifts from overall relationships and functions to more technical issues of constructability and integration of systems and components.  Aesthetic concerns moved from massing and arrangement to materials, surfaces, and details.

Design development phase documents fix and describe the size and character of the entire project, including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.  Drawings at this phase include plans, elevations and sections that provide more detail of the various systems and components.  The structural, mechanical and electrical systems are usually developed by selecting the type of system and then determining preliminary sizes of equipment and routing of services.  Architectural floor plans are developed, exterior elevations refined, typical construction details worked out, and many product and material selections are made.  Outline specifications are used to record such decisions.

Construction Document Phase

Patuxent Architects will produce construction documents, “blueprints”, based on the Owner-approved design development documents and any further adjustments in the scope of the project or the project budget.  These documents can be used by you to secure building permits, obtain proposals for construction by various contractors, and for the construction of the building.  These drawings will include all plans, elevations and sections required to document and construct the building.  They will specify all structural members, exterior finishes, window types, insulation, and basic interior finishes (subfloor, drywall, etc.)  They will also include a basic electrical layout (location of switches, plugs, and fixtures), and basic HVAC layout.

Note:  These drawings will not include landscaping, pool or decks.


Bidding, Negotiation & Permit Acquisition

During the bidding or negotiation phase, construction bids are solicited by advertisement or invitation, or contractors are invited to negotiate with the Owner to provide construction pricing and contract proposals.  During this phase, Patuxent Architects may also assist the Owner in obtaining the permits required by local governing agencies for construction of the project.

Patuxent Architects will assist in performing the following services as requested by the Owner:

- submitting documents and attending meetings as required to obtaining all permits required for construction

- distributing construction documents to chosen contractors

- receiving, and reviewing submitted construction bids

- preparing and awarding the contract for construction


Construction Administration Phase

The construction phase begins after the agreement between the Owner and Contractor is executed.  The construction phase includes all of the contractor’s planning and scheduling; mobilization of equipment; material purchasing; on-site and off-site construction and fabrication of components by the contractor and subcontractors; contract administration by the owner, A/E, and contractor; and general implementation of the contract document requirements through project closeout.

Patuxent Architects will perform the following services as requested by the Owner:


- Conduct periodic inspections of the job in progress to assure compliance with the construction documents

- Review and approve contractor’s requests for payments

- Prepare contract modifications, such as change orders, as needed to incorporate changes made in the         project scope, time, or cost.
















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