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Bringing To Fruition Facilities for Ministering God's People


Where Do We Start?



  1. Determine and list needs and desired elements (Program and Ministry Study).

    1. Sometimes questionnaires to, or an open forum with the congregation can help.

    2. Sometimes subcommittees can research various areas (four members, maximum, on each subcommittee). Examples:  Music, worship, lighting, sound, interior décor and furniture, Christian education, administration, fellowship, athletics, missions, scouting, etc.

    3. Determine if needs are: immediate, three years or ten years away.

    4. Having past statistical records and community demographics can be helpful.

    5. Prioritize needs by importance.

  2. Conduct financial potential, methods, availability.

  3. Have congregation approve “Program Study”, “Financial Plan”, and authorize building committee to select Architect to provide the initial Master Plan and construction budget. Set time limit for selection of Architect. Get church Attorney approval of contract before signing.

  4. Architectural preparation of Master Plan and construction budget.

  5. Denomination approval of Master Plan and construction budget.

  6. Funding Campaign.

  7. Upon approval of plans, construction budget and verification of funding Architect may proceed to receive bids for construction.

  8. Congregation and denomination should approve selected bid and bidder prior to awarding construction contract.

  9. Architect prepare contract. Church Attorney approve contract. Architect conduct pre-construction and signing meeting. Sign construction contract.

  10. Select two people to represent church throughout construction. They should have approval to make changes, if required, and approve payment requests (probably should not be Pastor).

  11. Make sure all finances and insurances are finalized.

  12. Have construction representatives report monthly to church board.

  13. Make arrangements for dedication speaker, program, date and guests.

  14. Dedication.















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